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House of Rajkarnicar has pioneered the concept of management of conferences, exhibitions and events in Nepal since 1991. After starting with Himalayan Expo in 1991, House of Rajkarnicar has gone on to organize numerous exhibitions, events and conferences in Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore and Italy, some of which are its own while others are managed for clients. In 1999, the company re-organized and re-established itself as House of Rajkarnicar Exhibitions and Events.

Armed with 30 years of experience, House of Rajkarnicar has a real understanding of the Nepalese private and public sector, an insider network of contacts within the local business and civic communities. Likewise, House of Rajkarnicar have and continues to work with governments, embassies, INGOs, NGOs, associations, civil society organizations and private companies to organize events relevant to the needs and trends in the country. Over the years, House of Rajkarnicar has developed the largest network of suppliers and service providers not only in Nepal but also beyond the borders in India, Asia and Europe to meet every whim and fancy of its clients.

But more importantly, House of Rajkarnicar has proven to be more than an event logistics provider. It has the capability to offer strategic management support, ensuring that the event is designed to meet strategic objectives and the contents of the event are structured to create results driven interactive environment.

As of today, House of Rajkarnicar has organized and successfully executed more than 150 exhibitions, conferences and events building its capacity to provide a comprehensive professional service for any event anywhere of any magnitude or complexity. House of Rajkarnicar remains committed to excellence in event management from concept to analytics.

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